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Impossible Trains

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Instagram | 0 comments

It is impossible to see this moment, when all four trains going to and from National Stadium and Siam pass over the promenade at the same time.

I wanted to capture the moment when all four trains passed overhead, but the timing of the trains prevents this. So I waited. And I photographed each train pass by. Then, in post-edit, recreated a composition with all four trains entering and exiting the frame together.

The elevated square that connects Siam Discover with MBK in central Bangkok has this odd exciting vibe about it, with its vibrant green color palate and towering lily pad’esque  sculpted parasols peppers across the “field”. At the center of the platform, the Silom and Sukhumvit BTS lines fans out in two directions like giant concrete fingers.

I did not have a tripod with me at the time so I had to stand still with the camera perched on one shoulder while I waited for each train to come by. It takes a lot longer than I expected for all of the trains to go by. I did begin to wonder what the people mingling about thought this odd “farang” standing in one place, camera held up to his face, unmoving for nearly 15 minutes was doing. Fortunately, none of the nearby security personnel came asking me to move on.

From Instagram… BTS trains over the promenade between Siam and MBK. #photographerslife#travelphotography #ultrawideangle#voigtländer12mm #travelerlife#thisisbangkok #gotravel #sonya7riii

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