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Man Mo temple – Hong Kong

by | Nov 21, 2018 | Instagram | 0 comments

Hong Kong is well known for its skyline and ultra-modern metropolitan status. However, tucked within those polished, gleaming towers of steel and glass are these marvelous relics of the city’s long religious history. Stepping into some of these old-world temples feels as much like what I suspect time-travel into the past must feel like. Man Mo temple is one of the oldest functioning temples on the island. It is nestled within towering residential buildings in the Sheung Wan neighborhood. To get to the temple from the public subway, you have to climb a series of steps that wind and twist up from station exit. It is not the most troublesome walk in the city, but on a sweltering hot summer afternoon, the temperature sizzling up off of the street can be daunting. This temple has a reputation for its ethereal atmosphere from all of the burning incense cones. Once I stepped inside, I was rewarded with this scene – a heavy haze from the hundreds of hanging incense spirals blanketing a darkened inner chamber, walls of flickering candle flames, large intricately designed iron cauldrons filled with more incense sticks burning – adding to the hazy interior, and the rays from a late afternoon sun piercing down into the room from a dilapidated ceiling potted with exposed supports. I was awestruck. From Instagram… One day in HK – Man Mo temple. Sunlight pierces the haze from incense burning throughout the inner chamber. #manmotemple #gotravel #travellife #thisishongkong #ethereal #budhisttemple #serenity #findcalm #peaceful

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