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A Good Traveler does not Arrive

There is an ancient Chinese proverb written by Laozi, that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. While the lesson may have been to help teach that all endeavors – great and small alike – have a beginning, I enjoy it at its most pragmatic level. Nearly three decades ago I took my first solo trip, and I have been traveling ever since.

Travel History

Could you imagine one day waking up to say “There isn’t anywhere else to go, I’ve been everywhere”? … Neither can I.



Recent Travels

Impossible Trains

It is impossible to see this moment, when all four trains going to and from National Stadium and Siam pass over the promenade at the same time.
I wanted to capture the moment when all four trains passed overhead, but the timing of the trains prevents this. So I waited. And I photographed each train pass by. Then, in post-edit, recreated a composition with all four trains entering and exiting the frame together.

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Sri Lanka

Five days is not long enough to appreciate all of what Sri Lanka has to offer, but it is all the time we had so we made the best of it.

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Modern Worship

At four o'clock in the morning there is a ceremony that takes place at Mahamuni Pagoda in Mandalay, Myanmar. The senior monk washes the face of the Buddha image in a ritual that takes more than an hour. The image is claimed to be one of only five in the...

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Other Recent Stories

Mandalay, Myanmar

      Duration: 6 days, 5 nights Destination: Mandalay, Myanmar Language: Burmese Currency: Khat (kjɑːt) Mandalay is a beautiful city that should be on anyone’s check list of places to see when visiting Myanmar. It may be second to Bagan, the city with...

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